Is having a vision overrated?” It’s a great question and many times managers and executives tell that they really don’t see the power and emphasis placed on leadership and vision. A vision is a clear mental picture described in words. And what’s neat about vision is, all of us have a vision, everyone has a vision, even your most negative employee has a vision. Visions can be classified into two types.

A person with a positive vision – These people deeply believe that tomorrow is going to be even better than it was today. People with a positive vision put this positive energy into use and generally turn bad situations into something good.

A person with a negative vision – These people always believe that something bad is going to happen in the future. They always walk around saying, “You know how bad things are? Just wait, it’s going to get worse.” Further, a piece of bad news for you, if you’ve got one of these negative visionaries on your team; they aren’t ever leaving you. They don’t leave because of their vision. They actually have a vision that the next place is going to be even worse than the present one. And the second reason they don’t leave is everybody who’s ever worked with them and left is not taking them with them.

A great analogy for a vision is a jigsaw puzzle. I don’t know many of you really enjoy building one of those jigsaw puzzles, but I don’t really like them. And the reason behind this is because I always work on it for a while and while working I realize that I am trying to put together the jigsaw tiles to look like the image present on the box “why are you duplicating the effort? This is not going to be a huge surprise when you’re done, we got the end result staring at you right there.”

The job of every leader and employee is to continuously improve the condition of their team or of their organization. So, with this new information on vision, go do your job and continuously improve the condition of your team and your organization.

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